Consumer Agreement

Last updated: November 9th, 2019

This Consumer Agreement is a legal agreement between COMPRO INNOVATION CANADA INC., hereinafter called COMPRO, and Consumer (which is also called “you”), starting and implementing from the time you create an account on the COMPRO platform. 


  1. “Consumer” here means any person (or company) who purchases and/or subscribes to the product/service(s) from COMPRO. 

  2. COMPRO is an IT based company and provides a mobile application builder/platform with some categories that you can choose for your business. 

  3. COMPRO provides training on how to use the platform to create your own mobile app. Consumer must create his/her own mobile app by himself/herself.

  4. COMPRO provides customer support to help you understand our services and products better. You can reach our customer support by email or live chat. 

  5. COMPRO does not guarantee that your application will be published on App Store or Play Store for sure. We only provide the necessary support and help, but if your app fails to fulfill the guidelines and requirements issued by the App Store and/or Play Store then we cannot help you in this regard.

  6. Account creation is a mandatory process through which every Consumer must pass in order to use the entire set of services and products on this platform. Information such as name, billing address and email is required at the time of account creation. You must enter current and valid information as it will help you in your future transactions. 

  7. If COMPRO finds out that your account information is incorrect or is not up to date, then COMPRO reserves the right in its absolute discretion to close or suspend your account temporarily or permanently, depending on the nature of incorrect information. 

  8. COMPRO advises to change your password every six to eight months in order to ensure your data security. In case of any security breach, you must immediately contact our customer service representative. However, COMPRO will not be responsible and will not bear any financial loss because of a security breach. You are solely responsible for all such losses. 

  9. It is highly advised that you refrain from sharing your account information with any other person or company, and you will be responsible for all activities initiated from your account.

  10. Services and products available on this platform are only for Consumer who buys these services under the above-mentioned law. Any individual or entity willing to buy or use offered services and products must be reached minimum age permitted by law.

  11. You are solely responsible for the content that you uploaded through your account. You further agree that the content uploaded or posted on COMPRO is entirely voluntary. Your submissions are not confidential from COMPRO and neither will you ask COMPRO to keep these upload a secret. 

  12. COMPRO is not obliged and will not use user-submitted content for any purpose and if any third party unintentionally uses your intellectual content there is no penalty for such an act. In case that COMPRO uses your content, it may be because COMPRO is already working on similar content using a different source and will not be responsible for such an occurrence.

  13. You or users authorize COMPRO to use the content as it desires through its service agreement. Thus, you grant COMPRO exclusive permission to distribute and regenerate your work and use it for promotional and other commercial purposes. No prior permission is needed for such an act. You also grant other users of this platform an exclusive permission to access your work (apart from the content that is password protected and private). COMPRO will refrain from using and distributing the content that has been removed from its platform servers by the users themselves. User Licenses are irrevocable and perpetual. It is further suggested that COMPRO will not use any content that is marked private or is protected through a password.

  14. By signing up on COMPRO, you agree to the following:

  • You comply to follow all our rules (please read our Terms of Service, Privacy Policies, and Policies and Procedures carefully) and you further agree to comply with all national and international rules about content sharing.

  • You will not impersonate any other individual or entity and in case you need to do so, you must have written permission and supported legal documents for such an action.

  • You are not allowed to collect any personal account information of any other users without their own consent.

  • You will not use this platform for any abusive or illegal activity and will follow the Ryan Haight Consumer Protection Act of 2008 in this regard. Moreover, you will not use COMPRO to upload applications that are malicious and viral.

  • You are not allowed to use deceptive and encoded language on this platform.

  • You are not allowed to copy, use and distribute material found on this platform on any other platform.

  • You will not change or edit any part of this platform and its content.

  • You will not use COMPRO technology for any other usage and on another platform.

  • You will protect and safeguard COMPRO from all liabilities, demands, expenses, and losses regardless of the nature and kind. COMPRO is not responsible for your actions against any third party on this platform, you will be fully responsible for breaching any part of this contract and agreement.


  1. You acknowledge and understand that you use this platform at your own risk and COMPRO is not liable for any sort of disadvantage. Services and products offered by COMPRO can be bought at your own risk and the content on COMPRO is available ‘as it is’. COMPRO does not warrant that the operation of the services and products will be error-free or uninterrupted.

  2. You agree that COMPRO shall not be liable for any delay in performance or its failure to perform any of its obligations hereunder which is caused by any circumstances beyond COMPRO reasonable control, including, but not limited to, any Act of God, fire, explosion, earthquake, storm, flood, or other inclement weather, government laws or regulations, labor dispute, unavoidable breakdown, the failure of any applicable telecommunications network, cyber-attack, DNS (denial of service) attack, acts of terrorism, war (whether or not declared), or civil unrest to the extent that any such circumstances affect COMPRO ability to perform its obligations under our Terms of Service.

  3. There are 2 (two) pricing schemes that you can choose to use our Services:

  1. Monthly Subscription Plan

  • You pay our Services every month. There are no minimum number of months required, so you can cancel the subscription after the first payment if you wish and you will still have access to the software for the remaining times you have paid for. You will receive software updates for the duration of your subscription.

  • Under this plan, you are required to pay an initial setup fee of CAD 150 (excluding monthly subscription fees).

  • The subscription fee is started from the date you purchased the subscription plan.

  • You give us authorization to debit your credit card every month as long as you use our Services. 

  • The minimum validity period of your credit card is 3 (three) months at the time you use it for this transaction.

  • In the event that your credit card could not be debited, e.g. already expired or over limit, COMPRO will terminate your subscription after sending 3 warning reminders. After the termination, you could not use our Services any longer. You can reactivate your account by renewing your subscription. 

  • You can cancel or stop the subscription from the Services at any time by simply clicking the "Unsubscribe" menu on your profile, and we will stop charging you the monthly fee for the upcoming months.

  • After you cancel or stop your subscription, you will still have access to our Services until the end of your current subscription cycle.


  1. One-Time Payment Plan

  • With this plan, you choose the one-time upfront payment and you will receive software updates whenever it is available.

  • You will be charged a yearly maintenance fee of CAD 200, starting from the second year after your application published. This maintenance fee includes bug fixing, operating system update.


  1. COMPRO reserves the right to change, modify and alter all terms and conditions at any time and without prior notification, this rule is also applied to pricing and Affiliate’s plans.