Last updated: November 4th, 2019


1. Overview

This universal terms and conditions are a legal understanding between COMPRO and you, starting and implementing from the time you create an account on the platform. These terms and conditions highlight guidelines about our products and services. Moreover, these legal remedies and rights further point out certain policies that are activated at the time of purchase from the platform.

COMPRO does not guarantee that your application gets published on App Store or Play Store, we provide you the necessary support and help you with the process but if your app fails to fulfill the guidelines issued by the App Store and/or Play Store then we cannot help you in this regard.

Learn more about Play Store Application Review Process HERE.

Learn more about App Store Application Review Process HERE.

Your acceptance of these terms and conditions electronically is an indication of the fact that you have read and understood the entire document and you further accept all the rules, alongside corporate rights and remedies.

Before moving forward to the main document, please remember that in this document, words like ‘OUR’, ‘’US and ‘WE’ are used to refer to COMPRO and words like ‘USER’, ‘YOUR’ and ‘YOU’ refers to any entity or individual that chooses to accept our services. Please bear in mind that none of the following terms are deemed to refer to any third-party service providers, it is solely a contract between COMPRO and the party using platform’s services.

COMPRO reserves the right to change, modify or amend this piece of document any time in its sole discretion and without any notification. These modifications will be applicable immediately and users are notified through an email of such changes, moreover the last revised date of this document is also visible on the top of this page.

2. Data Transfer and Account

Account creation is a mandatory process through which every user must pass in order to use the entire set of services and products on this platform. Information such as name, billing address and email is required at the time of account creation, users must enter current and authentic information as it will help users in future transactions. Moreover, it is expected that users modify and edit information whenever there is a change required, in a nutshell, current account information must be correct and valid at any given instance of time. If COMPRO believes or finds out that your account information is incorrect or not up to date then COMPRO reserves the right in its absolute discretion to close or suspend your account temporarily or permanently, solely depending on the nature of incorrect information. It is highly advised that you refrain from sharing your account information with any other person or company, and you will be responsible for all activities initiated from your account. COMPRO advises to change your password every six to eight months in order to ensure complete security. In case of any security breach, you must immediately contact our customer service representative; however, COMPRO will not be responsible and will not bear any financial loss because of a security breach. You, on the other hand, are solely responsible for all such losses and are incurred to those.

If you are traveling and want to access your account from a place other than you usually do then your data might have to be transported to another server and by agreeing to our policy you permit us to do so in case of any such occurrence.

3. Authority and Eligibility

Services and products available on this platform are only for the users who legally acquire these services under the above-mentioned law. Any individual or entity willing to acquire or use offered services and products must be:

  • At least or over 18 years old

  • If not then they must be eligible to acquire services under the binding law.

If you intend to use offered services for a corporate firm or company then you must have legal papers to prove that you are associated with the company and have permission to use their name on the internet. If somehow after the acceptance of terms and conditions it is found that you were illegally trying to use a corporate name then you will be responsible for the aftermath yourself, thus refrain from such practice. COMPRO is not responsible for such misuse of identity on its platform and in case of financial loss, is not liable to corporate firm in any capacity. If however it is found that someone is involved in such a practice then it is solely up to COMPRO to decide whether to pursue legal action or not, it is however stated that COMPRO is not legally responsible for the undertaking. In case of any doubt, further authentication may be required.

4. COMPRO Use of Users' Content

This section deals with the content posted by users on COMPRO. These rules further apply to websites that are controlled and managed by COMPRO. These rules ensure that you remain the intellectual owner of your uploaded content and put forth for better service.

As mentioned above, you are solely responsible for the content that is uploaded through your account. You further agree that the content uploaded or posted on COMPRO is entirely voluntary. Your submissions are not confidential from COMPRO and neither will you ask COMPRO to keep these upload a secret. COMPRO is not obliged and will not use user-submitted content for any purpose and if any third party unintentionally uses your intellectual content there is no penalty for such an act. In case that COMPRO uses your content, it may only be because COMPRO is already working on similar content using a different source and will not be responsible for such an occurrence.

Usually, if an application is published through this platform then the user remains the sole licensed in charge of such application and content.

Users authorize COMPRO to use the content as it desires through its service agreement. Thus, you grant COMPRO exclusive permission to distribute and regenerate your work and use it for promotional and other commercial purposes. No prior permission is needed for such an act. You also grant other users of this platform an exclusive permission to access your work (apart from the content that is password protected and private). COMPRO will refrain from using and distributing the content that has been removed from its platform servers by the users themselves. User Licenses are irrevocable and perpetual. It is further suggested that COMPRO will not use any content that is marked private or is protected through a password.

5. Rules of Conduct

By signing up on COMPRO you agree to the following:

  • You comply to follow all the rules below and you further agree to comply with all national and international rules about content sharing.

  • You will not impersonate any other individual or entity and in case you need to do so, you must have written permission and supported legal documents for such an action.

  • You are not allowed to collect any personal account information of any other users without their own consent.

  • You will not use this platform for any abusive or illegal activity and will follow the Ryan Haight Consumer Protection Act of 2008 in this regard. Moreover, you will not use COMPRO to upload applications that are malicious and viral.

  • Use of deceptive and encoded language is not allowed on this platform.

  • You are not allowed to copy, use and distribute material found on this platform on any other platform.

  • You agree not to change or edit any part of this platform and its content.

  • You will not use COMPRO technology for any other usage and on another platform.

COMPRO reserves the right to change, modify and alter all terms and conditions at any time and without prior notification, this rule is also applied to pricing and membership plans.


6. Content Monitoring and Account Termination Policy

We generally do not pre-screen the content uploaded by users. However, COMPRO reserves the right to check any piece of content that is uploaded on the platform, in the case of a violation, the user account may be suspended or permanently terminated depending entirely upon the nature of the breach. If it is found that the user is a regular offender, their account will be deleted permanently without any prior warning, and COMPRO may in its sole discretion keep or destroy the content.

7. Additional Rights

COMPRO reserves the right to modify, suspend, terminate or block any account that deems necessary, in its absolute discretion and without being asked to provide any specific justification. Users must comply with local and international laws in order to enjoy the best services. COMPRO further reserves the exclusive right to review any account and demand any additional fees for more bandwidth and storage capacity.

8. Liquidated Damages and SPAMS

You confirm that you have read and understood the SPAM policy of COMPRO and will abide by all the set rules in this regard. You also acknowledge that your account will be terminated if it is found to be triggering spam posts and bulk emails. Moreover, if actual expenses could not be calculated then you will be asked to pay for each spammed link or message transmitted through your account.

9. Copyright and Trademark Claims

Intellectual property protection is supported by/on COMPRO. If you would like to provide a trademark or copyright claim for uploaded content for which you have the legal papers then please go to our copyright policy.

10. Links to Third-Party Services

COMPRO may contain links to third-party services, but it is stated that we are not responsible for the content and services offered and provided by these third party services. It is further stated that COMPRO does not edit, alter or censor the content of the services. By using the services, you release COMPRO from any liabilities that may occur because of the services. We encourage users to review the privacy policy and terms and conditions of the respective service partners before using them.

11. Indemnity

You agree to protect and safeguard COMPRO from all liabilities, demands, expenses, and losses regardless of the nature and kind. COMPRO is not responsible for your actions against any third party on this platform, you will be held thoroughly responsible for breaching any part of this contract and agreement.

12. Warranties and Representation Disclaimers

You acknowledge and understand that you use this platform at your own risk and COMPRO is not liable for any sort of disadvantage. Services and products offered by COMPRO can be bought at your own risk and the content on COMPRO is available ‘as it is’. COMPRO does not warrant that the operation of the Services will be error free or uninterrupted. Our officials, directors, and employees disclaim any warranties being issued on their names. We are not responsible for any other websites that link us with them. Any advice or suggestions given by our employees will not have any legal bindings, nor will they provide any sort of warranty for this platform. These policies are applied to all the services and products offered by COMPRO.

13. Liability Limitation

COMPRO and its officials are not liable to any consequential damages caused by the usage of the platform. Users use this platform at their own free will and are entirely responsible for their own actions. We do not take the responsibility of content and images of third party services whose hyperlink is found on our platform. We completely forbid the users to access our platform servers and any such activity will be dealt with accordingly.

It is further stated that in special events the liability expenses must not increase the total amount paid by the user for such services and this also is subject to the action.

14. Force Majeure

You agree that COMPRO shall not be liable for any delay in performance or its failure to perform any of its obligations hereunder (and such delay or performance failure shall not constitute a default under these Terms of Service) which is caused by any circumstances beyond COMPRO reasonable control, including, but not limited to, any Act of God, fire, explosion, earthquake, storm, flood, or other inclement weather, government laws or regulations, labor dispute, unavoidable breakdown, the failure of any applicable telecommunications network, cyber-attack, DNS (denial of service) attack, acts of terrorism, war (whether or not declared), or civil unrest to the extent that any such circumstances affect COMPRO ability to perform its obligations under these Terms of Service.

15. Payments and Fees

By signing up for our services you agree to pay the required fees. Please bear in mind that all prices are non-refundable otherwise specifically stated. In case your account is terminated, transferred or suspended you will still be charged for the services. COMPRO reserves the rights to alter and modify the prices of products and services at will without any prior notification. These new prices will be applied immediately and will not require user permission. All prices are in Canadian dollars and before any applicable taxes.

There are 2 (two) pricing schemes that you can choose to use our services:


  1. Monthly Subscription Plan

  • You pay once every month for the services until you decide to cancel. There is no minimum term – you can cancel after the first payment if you wish and you will still have access to the software for the period you have paid for. You will receive software updates for the duration of your subscription

  • Under this plan, you are required to pay an initial setup fee of $150 (excluding subscription fees).

  • The subscription fee is started from the date you activate your account.

  • You pre-authorize us to debit your credit card every month as long as you use our services. 

  • The minimum validity period of your credit card is 3 (three) months at the time you use it for this transaction.

  • In the event that your credit card could not be debited, e.g. already expired or over limit, COMPRO will terminate your subscription after sending 3 warning reminders. After the termination, you can not use our services any longer.  You can reactivate your account by renewing your subscription. 

  • You can cancel or stop the subscription from the services at any time by simply clicking the "Unsubscribe" menu on your profile, and we will stop charging you the monthly fee for the upcoming months.

  • After you cancel or stop your subscription, you will still have access to our service until the end of your current subscription cycle.


  1. One-Time Payment Plan

  • For those that only want to pay once and upfront, and will receive software updates whenever it is available

  • you will be charged a yearly maintenance fee of $200, starting from the second year after your application published.


16. No Third-Party Beneficiaries

This agreement is between user and COMPRO; no third party is linked or associated with this agreement in any capacity.

17. Refund Policy and Cancellations

This Refund Policy is only applied to the purchase of ‘One-Time Payment Plan’.  For Monthly subscription Plan, please refer to article 14.1.

COMPRO offers a 10 days-cooling-off period for all users. If after signing up you are not satisfied with our services, you can cancel it anytime within 10 days period and receive a full refund on the product price. 

Customer services/configuration and Initial setup fee charges, are not refundable. 

There are no cancellation fees or penalties on canceling a plan.

18. Canadian Export Laws

Services and products found on this platform are subject to Canada export laws. Users are thus advised to refrain from export and re-export of the material and services offered by the platform as this is a clear violation of Canadian export laws. No service or product should be used illegally and any illegally downloaded services may result in account termination. If you are using this platform from a country other than Canada then you yourself are responsible for the local laws. The obligations under this section are subject to the use of the platform and shall not be terminated unless users close their account or leave the platform permanently.

19. Compliance with Local Laws

COMPRO makes no commitment that the content available on this platform is legal in all countries and territories or this platform is limited or restricted in a certain jurisdiction. Users are responsible for compliance with local laws and COMPRO is not liable for this case.

20. Assigned Successors

This agreement is a mutual understanding between users, their assigned successors, and COMPRO.

21. Jurisdiction and Governing Law

Apart from the disputes under the governance of the Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy (UDRP), this agreement is governed by the supreme Law of Canada. Users agree that any action that results in a legal jurisdiction will be listened at Federal Courts of Canada. You agree to waive the right to trial by jury in any action which results through the use of this platform.

22. User Content and Content on COMPRO

Apart from the rules above, users need to go through the section rules in appendix 5 as these specifically comply with content-centric problems and issues. These rules are applicable only to the content posted by users on COMPRO and does not adhere to the content posted by the same user on other platforms under the same name.

COMPRO Content: Entire content on this platform which includes all sorts of text, written content, interactive features, graphical user interface, logos, scripts, and source code are the sole property of COMPRO and are subject to copyright laws. In foreign countries other than Canada, every piece of functionality and content present on the platform is owned by COMPRO according to International Laws. API of this platform is also the intellectual property of COMPRO. Content on the platform is available for public use ‘as it is’, this content shall not be downloaded, copied, distributed, transmitted or exploited in any way without specific written consent of COMPRO. No license reserves the right to use the intellectual property of COMPRO in any of the ways and no patent reserves the right to use the services provided on this platform in any of the desired ways.

User Content: Since it is a platform where users might need to submit some content whether it may be in the form of words, ideas or music but this must be kept in mind that the content uploaded on the platform remains the intellectual property of the user and COMPRO is not responsible for the content as long as it does not collide with the set rules of the platform. By uploading any content on the platform, users commit that they have the legal right to distribute them through this platform. It is advised that users must have prior distribution licenses to ensure that they do not violate the rights of any third party.

Security: By using this platform you commit that you will not sabotage and meddle with the security of this platform, content, and services provided on this platform must only be used as allowed and you further commit that you will not restrict the use of this platform for any party or individual.

23. Severability, Title and Headings

The titles and headings in this agreement are only for better understanding and must not be used in any negative way. Each agreement must be taken and treated as an independent agreement in the entire set and must not be intermixed with other ones. If a court or jurisdiction finds any specific part of this agreement invalid or illegal, then it does not affect the validity of the entire agreement.

24. Contact Information

Please contact us in case of any ambiguities or queries to our customer support center email support@comproinnovation.ca.